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A pun

Posted by martiancyclist on 2010.02.22 at 18:10
What did the shape-note singer order at the Japanese restaurant?

Answer...Collapse )

2008 Ohio State-Sacred Harp Singing

Click link above for more info or contact:John Bayer, 937-835-3323. Email: johnbayer at juno dot com

Saturday 9:30am til about 3-3:30 p.m. | Saturday Evening Social 6:30 | Sunday 9:30am

The 2008 Convention will be hosted by the Dayton group Feb. 16th and 17th, 2008 at the Golden Gate Park in Brookville, Ohio. The convention will sing from the red 1991 Denson book. A Saturday night social will be followed by a Cooper book singing as well.


Martian Orthodox
Posted by martiancyclist on 2007.01.17 at 18:16
I found this community a while ago, but forgot to introduce myself.

I'm Peter. I'm an engineering grad student in the DC area, and I started singing sacred harp about a year and a half ago.

But the real reason I posted this now, is that ever since the sing a few days ago, a song has been stuck in my head, but only a couple measures of it. I don't remember any of the words, so I can't look it up. So, for the sake of my sanity, if a minor scale is "LA Mi Fa So La fa so la", the alto line at the very end is something along the lines of "La_ La So Fa So La_ La la so la La_ La So Fa Mi LA__" Meanwhile, the other three parts have one at a time started singing their last notes, which in the case of the basses, is a "LA____________". Does anyone know what song this is from?


Shape-note film on PBS!

Posted by deanmoriarty77 on 2006.11.06 at 18:03
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Current Music: Duke Ellington

If you haven't seen this film, now's your chance!  If you don't live in Georgia... sorry... contact Matt at his website.  (There is a chance, though, that if enough people watch on the 13th, the film will be shown NATIONWIDE!)  I've also included info about a free public screening this Thursday and Friday in midtown Atlanta.

GPB Documentary Uncovers America’s Oldest Music Form

Georgia-produced “Awake, My Soul” Airs Monday, Nov. 13


ATLANTA, November, 2006 – The Georgia-produced feature documentary, “Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp,” debuts Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).  The first in-depth look at the history, music, and traditions of Sacred Harp singing, “Awake, My Soul” explores the oldest surviving American music, popularized in recent hit films such as “Cold Mountain” and “Gangs of New York.”  


Sacred Harp singing is a form of Shape-note a cappella music rooted in the rural Deep South which is more than 200 years old.  The documentary offers a glimpse into the lives of modern shape-note singers, who still sing from The Sacred Harp, a 160-year-old hymnal first published in Georgia in 1844, which preserves some of the oldest songs in America.


“As we researched Sacred Harp singing over the last seven years for this project, we have seen a renewed interest in this musical tradition, even in the academic community which has historically rejected it,” said Matt Hinton, film director and religion professor at Morehouse College.  “Several universities, including Yale, Princeton and Emory, have already ordered copies of the documentary.  It is remarkable to me that this is the first time someone has made a film about this centuries-old music.”


Created in Atlanta by Sacred Harp singers Matt and Erica Hinton, “Awake, My Soul” captures both the history and the vitality of this intense and haunting music that is utterly unlike any other genre. In keeping with the centuries-long tradition, Sacred Harp singers attend all-day singings, where they begin each song by belting out syllables that represent shaped notes in their song book.


Several renowned Sacred Harp singers and composers took part in the film, including Hugh McGraw of Bremen, Ga., Raymond Hamrick of Macon, Ga., and Richard DeLong, raised in Dunwoody and now living in Carrolton, Ga.


To learn more about Sacred Harp singing and the documentary, visit www.awakemysoul.com.  For a schedule of Sacred Harp singings, visit www.atlantasacredharp.org or www.fasola.org.



In making their first feature-length documentary, Matt and Erica Hinton amassed hundreds of hours of traditional Sacred Harp performances in the Southeast, as well as interviews with the most prominent traditional Sacred Harp singers and composers.  A professor of religion at Morehouse College, Matt holds a Master's degree in Theology from Emory University and plays guitar in Luxury, a rock band.  Erica operates Sir Chalk and Bunn, a print shop devoted to the art of letterpress printing in which she sets movable type on a century-old letterpress. Georgia natives, Erica and Matt reside in the West-End neighborhood of Atlanta.




Producers Mac Powell and Tai Anderson are members of the Atlanta-based rock group, Third Day (www.ThirdDay.com). The band has sold more than five million albums and earned two Grammy’s, among many other awards. The two musicians became involved with the documentary to help bring this film to the public and are proud to partner with Matt and Erica in their work. 




Media Advisory

Lab 601 to Host the Premiere of Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp






WHAT:                                   The Atlanta premiere of the Georgia-produced feature documentary, “Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp.” The first in-depth look at the history, music, and traditions of Sacred Harp singing, “Awake, My Soul” explores the oldest surviving American music, popularized in recent hit films such as “Cold Mountain” and “Gangs of New York.”   The event is open to the public.  For more information, visit www.awakemysoul.com.



WHEN:                                  Thursday, Nov. 9 and Friday, November 10

                                                8 p.m. (dessert reception included)



WHERE:                               Lab 601

                                               621 North Avenue NE

                                               Suite A-100

                                               Atlanta, GA 30308





OPPORTUNITIES:             Director and Atlanta native Matt Hinton as well as local Sacred Harp singers will be available for interviews and photographs. 




INQUIRIES:                         JoAnna Anderson, 404-214-2139



Here are some screen shots!!!!

What it looks like in the middle of the "hollow square."  The woman is "leading" the singing.  Each participant gets a chance to lead one or two songs during to course of a sing.

Just about the most tear-inducing picture i've ever seen.  It reminds me of me and my Memaw.  :(

What we all look like when we're hollerin'.

IMAGE: Sacred Harp Music

Posted by byrthebb on 2006.10.17 at 16:27
Email from Ol' Greg Howard about this Sunday's singing & other announcements. :)

Hullo every body!

Our second singin' of the season is comin' up Sunday - same time same place, which is:

Sunday, October 22, 3 - 6 PM, at the fabulous Lutheran Church of our Savior in Oakwood.

And here's a link to directions and all: http://web.spsp.net/jbealle/dayton.html

Be sure to bring a finger-food pot luck if you're able.

Here's a couple news items:

1. We will have a singin' in November on the 4th Sunday, November 26th, just like every other 4th Sunday for the last 7 years. There was some concern if we'd still have it due to Thanksgiving weekend. Welp..we are! AND.by the way. November 16, 2000 was our very first singin' over at ol' John Bayers house. There was John, Lorraine, Regina, Hans, Jubal, Vic, and me. Boy.cousin' Vic and I were soooo clueless! Whew. Sla, flee, floe, slo.etc., etc. John and his family were fabulous, of course, intimidating us greatly but were kind enough not to throw us in the melon field. It is hard on manly egos like Vic and myself to be sung into the dirt by a 4 year old - namely Jubal. Egads. There I was, opera-man, thinkin' I'd show these farmers a thing or two, and BLAM - next thing I knew I was in the dirt. Vic and I have improved vastly however, which is perhaps contrary to what you may have witnessed with your own eyes. HAW!

2. The singing in December has been MOVED from the 4th Sunday, December 24th, to the fifth Sunday, December 31st. Time is still 3-6, place is still LCOS(Lutheran Church of our Savior).

3. There may be a second Tuesday singing coming up here in the next month or so.we've been asked to do a singing for demonstration purposes at the library in New Lebanon (I think - he told me but I forgot - it's out there by John someplace). we were thinking we'd just have us a singin'. and let folks ask questions if they were able to sneak 'em in-between songs. HA! Stay tuned - we'll let you know more as we do.

So. come one, come all. We had 62 folks at our last singing, and it was just a fabulous start for the new season. Oh man! We really tore the rafters out. Thanks to all of you who made it so wonderful. We're looking forward to topping that this Sunday. WooHoo!

I can't wait!

Ol' Greg Howard

Dayton Sacred Harp


Dayton Sacred Harp Singing

Posted by byrthebb on 2006.10.15 at 17:27
If you can make it- we'd love to have you join us!

Sunday Oct. 22, 2006 3-6 p.m.

Lutheran Church of Our Savior - Oakwood, Ohio

155 East Thruston Blvd.

Dayton, Ohio 45419

Come and join in the lovely sounds of our friendly group! No experience needed!

We meet every 4th Sunday from 3-6 p.m.
Bring a carry-in dish to share. We break about 4 - 4:30 to eat!

Contact John Bayer for more information:

johnbayer@juno(no spam).com




Sacred Harp Movie -"Awake, My Soul" DVD

Posted by byrthebb on 2006.08.26 at 16:55


Hola, fasola!

Posted by deanmoriarty77 on 2006.08.14 at 16:49
Current Mood: lovedshape-note singy
Greetings. I live just northwest of Atlanta GA and am actively involved in sacred harp singing.

I suppose at this point i should say a thing or two about why and how i got into this form of music, eh? I grew up in rural west GA and experienced a truly warm southern upbringing. My grandmother, raised in the Primitive Baptist church down the road, used to sing these warbling ditties -- no words, just the melodies -- and that's how i was introduced to sacred harp. Unfortunately, for many years i was too full of piss and vinegar to care too much for that dying tradition. When she died this past year, i was moved to grasp at anything that would remind me of her. Serendipity stepped in and i was suddenly surrounded by the most random (?) coincidences; i was being called to sing shape-note.

Singing shape-note is new to me (six months), but i feel something strangely familiar in the haunting melodies -- something about the harshest of individual voices being swept into a beautiful, unified medley of 40, 50, 60 voices. A recovering Southern Baptist, i find that all-day sings bring me a more satisfying communion with Spirit than the most fervent finger-wagging preacher ever could. Oh, and let's not forget the legendary potlucks.

Contact me if you're ever in west GA or east AL for a sing.

(Remember -- if you can hear your neighbor singing, you're not loud enough!)

Take it easy, y'all.


Hi! So glad I found you!

Posted by byrthebb on 2006.07.30 at 19:54
I've been involved with Sacred Harp a.k.a. Shape Note or fasola Singing for about 2-3 years now.
I found out about it while I was taking a course on Religion in Appalacia.
I belong to the Dayton Area Sacred Harp Singers.

We aren't in session right now but will be starting up again in September.
If you live in or near Dayton or happen to be in the area- please come and join us! :)

Who sings this music?

Sacred Harp music is sung by common folks with common voices who love to sing. The music is shared by people from all walks of life –professionals, students, tradesmen, farmers, the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker. Opera singers, rocket scientists, guitar pickers, drivers of old trucks, doctors, and lawyers and such. Sight reading ability is neither a requirement nor a necessity. We will teach you what you need to know. All you need to bring is your spirit.

Dayton Sacred Harp

Hello! and PVADS

Posted by olesotia on 2006.06.13 at 15:12
I just stumbled over this community, and thought I'd say hello. I sing in Northampton, MA regularly and in upstate New York and the Boston area extremely irregularly.

And... come sing at the Pioneer Valley All-Day Sing in Sunderland, MA!

The sing will take place on the Saturday before the first Sunday in July (this year the first of July) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a potluck on the grounds at the First Congregationalist Church in Sunderland, MA. More information can be found at http://www.wmshc.org.

If you can make it and stay around, the monthly sing in Amherst is the following Sunday, the Leyden sing on Monday, AND the weekly Northampton sing happens Tuesday night! It may lack the glamor of the National Convention, but it should be a fantastic string of sings.

I hope to see you there!

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