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Posted by byrthebb on 2006.10.17 at 16:27
Email from Ol' Greg Howard about this Sunday's singing & other announcements. :)

Hullo every body!

Our second singin' of the season is comin' up Sunday - same time same place, which is:

Sunday, October 22, 3 - 6 PM, at the fabulous Lutheran Church of our Savior in Oakwood.

And here's a link to directions and all: http://web.spsp.net/jbealle/dayton.html

Be sure to bring a finger-food pot luck if you're able.

Here's a couple news items:

1. We will have a singin' in November on the 4th Sunday, November 26th, just like every other 4th Sunday for the last 7 years. There was some concern if we'd still have it due to Thanksgiving weekend. Welp..we are! AND.by the way. November 16, 2000 was our very first singin' over at ol' John Bayers house. There was John, Lorraine, Regina, Hans, Jubal, Vic, and me. Boy.cousin' Vic and I were soooo clueless! Whew. Sla, flee, floe, slo.etc., etc. John and his family were fabulous, of course, intimidating us greatly but were kind enough not to throw us in the melon field. It is hard on manly egos like Vic and myself to be sung into the dirt by a 4 year old - namely Jubal. Egads. There I was, opera-man, thinkin' I'd show these farmers a thing or two, and BLAM - next thing I knew I was in the dirt. Vic and I have improved vastly however, which is perhaps contrary to what you may have witnessed with your own eyes. HAW!

2. The singing in December has been MOVED from the 4th Sunday, December 24th, to the fifth Sunday, December 31st. Time is still 3-6, place is still LCOS(Lutheran Church of our Savior).

3. There may be a second Tuesday singing coming up here in the next month or so.we've been asked to do a singing for demonstration purposes at the library in New Lebanon (I think - he told me but I forgot - it's out there by John someplace). we were thinking we'd just have us a singin'. and let folks ask questions if they were able to sneak 'em in-between songs. HA! Stay tuned - we'll let you know more as we do.

So. come one, come all. We had 62 folks at our last singing, and it was just a fabulous start for the new season. Oh man! We really tore the rafters out. Thanks to all of you who made it so wonderful. We're looking forward to topping that this Sunday. WooHoo!

I can't wait!

Ol' Greg Howard

Dayton Sacred Harp


loud4singing at 2006-10-28 19:33 (UTC) (Link)
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the posting. Just be aware, nearly nobody reads this lj. It is not a part of the national fasola email conference. It is just a place I created on the off chance it might be of some use. So I'm not saying don't post. I'm just saying I'm not sure who will read it.

Many thanks,
byrthebb at 2006-11-01 23:39 (UTC) (Link)
Greg probably doesn't read it either. I just posted the e-mail I received from him. Just on the off chance that someone might be interested. Ya never know....
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